Feature Film - six rebel figures take refuge in an abandoned sector against a genetically enhanced superhuman race.

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Midnight Crow Productions (Production House)
Ebony Wilson (Writer/Director/Producer)
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Science Fiction | Drama | SciFi
This Film Is Not Yet Rated
Assumed - Violence, Mild Profanity, No Nudity, Parental Discretion Advised
Sometime in the future, mankind submits to a new form of salvation - by becoming the enslaved. A genetically enhanced superhuman race has been created to govern world order and peace. A rebel group of Borders has taken refuge for nearly a year in an abandoned compound, where they await humanity's last word, and their ultimate fate.
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About Prelude To Infusco
Prelude To Infusco is a fictional story that addresses the dark side of government control, powered with TelPower. It is #scstrong #columbiastrong #governmentimpact #midnightcrow #telpowered Movie Information
An independent science fiction thriller, Prelude To Infusco is written and directed by Ebony Wilson!

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